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Our mission is to build a safer rural Minnesota for children, women and men.  We are dedicated to empowering crime victims, promoting healthy relationships, preventing assault and abuse, and providing education, parenting time and crisis nursery services.

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Imagine a world free of violence.

At New Horizons, we vision this world without violence to be a world where our children were protected and nurtured – and never exploited, abused or sold. A world where men would feel no pressure to prove their masculinity and could show their true emotions without feeling shame or embarrassment. A world where women were never objectified and sexualized – a world where a woman would never feel like she is only body parts and would never fall victim to misogynic injustices. A world where people of all ages and all genders and all ethnicities and all religions and all sexual orientations were treated equally and respectfully. A world where individuals and families in Southwest Minnesota would thrive.

But the truth is that we do not live in a world free of violence. Our world is addicted to it – every minute, every hour, every day someone is affected – and these are not just numbers – these are our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, daughters, sons – these are the ones we love. The harmful effects of violence tear at the very fabric of our individual and community safety.

We can no longer accept the world we live in and use such excuses as “it is just the way things are” to justify inaction. Violence is not “just the way things are” and should never be commonplace in our society. Now is the time to take action. There is much we can all do to take steps toward a world where no one experiences violence. At New Horizons, we try to make our imagined world a reality.

Are you interested? You can take a step towards prevention by getting involved with New Horizons Crisis Center. Start having conversations about these issues, get more information and become educated, learn about different volunteering opportunities, or maybe just feel comfortable sharing victim service contact information with a friend or anyone in need of services. Wear a teal ribbon for sexual assault awareness. Place a blue ribbon magnet on your car for child abuse awareness. Or wear purple for domestic abuse awareness. It is time for us to speak up and set up proudly.

We also know that there is no one strategy for the prevention of violence. As Cordelia Anderson, a nationally known speaker and consultant on prevention, stated regarding the prevention of sexual violence, “We live in a culture that likes quick fixes, simple sound bites or a pill to fix a complicated health problem. If prevention of sexual violence through the life span were a one-step simple solution, we wouldn't need victim services, sex offender treatment or monitoring or correctional services for these issues. In fact we wouldn't be here talking about prevention - we'd already be doing it. These problems are multifaceted and complex and the dosage and range of prevention strategies need to match the problem.”

Together, we can take steps towards a reducing violence Southwest Minnesota. Contact New Horizons to learn more about what you can do to reduce violence and how you can get involved in our agency’s prevention efforts.


Training starts every year in October! Contact New Horizons Crisis Center to become a volunteer advocate. An application is available HERE!.  


At New Horizons Crisis Center, you can make a difference.  We are always looking for caring people to become volunteer advocates to staff our 24-hour crisis line.

When someone is in crisis or has a situation and they are not sure where to turn, New Horizons Crisis Center’s 24-crisis line is an available resource. The crisis line is a vital link to agency services as well as community resources and referrals. Staffed by volunteer advocates, the crisis line is answered when the agency offices are closed.

New Horizons volunteer advocates come from all walks of life; college students and community members alike. Volunteer advocates come from the NHCC service area of Lincoln, Lyon, Murray, and Redwood counties.

Annual training is held in October of each year and includes computer-based modules. Part of the training can be done on your own time through the computer-based modules and then trainees meet once a week for five weeks to hear community speakers and to role play possible calls during our face-to-face training held during the fall.

If you would like more information about committing your time and talents to advocacy work, please call any of the New Horizons offices. 

As a volunteer advocate, the following criteria must be met:

  • An advocate must be at least 18 years old.
  • An advocate must have earned either a GED or a high school diploma.
  • An advocate must be willing to operate in a manner consistent with the mission and philosophy of NHCC.
  • An advocate must successfully complete an initial 50 hour in-service training and acquire 6 hours of continuing education training every year thereafter.
  • An advocate must have a valid driver’s license and be prepared to meet victims at the Emergency Room and Law Enforcement agencies in each county within our service area (Lincoln, Lyon, Murray, and Redwood).
  • An advocate must complete the volunteer application and all corresponding forms, including a criminal background check and volunteer contract.

How the crisis line works:

  • During your on call week, New Horizons will provide you with a cell phone.
  • You can continue to go about your daily routines, provided that you stay in the four county service area and remain alcohol free when you are on call.
  • New Horizons staff will call you at approximately 4:30pm to state that they are, “rolling the phones,” this will mean that all NHCC telephone lines will automatically go to the cell phone. 
  • When a call comes in on the cell phone “crisis line” it can be any type of call. Examples: when are your office hours? does New Horizons help child abuse victims? is a sexual assault victim at the hospital?
  • NHCC will give you the tools that you need to respond in a confident, quick, and knowledgeable manner to each call received.
  • If you feel that you need additional support or would like to discuss a particular call with someone New Horizons staff will be available to provide support.
  • New Horizons will provide you with a bag of resource materials to assist with calls that you may receive.

Here is what volunteer advocates say about their experience with NHCC:

  • “I enjoy volunteering for New Horizons Crisis Center because they helped me when I was at the lowest point in my life. I am finding that this is a great way to give something back to the community. It gives a person such an indescribable feeling when they know they have helped someone.” 
  • “I have enjoyed every minute of being a volunteer advocate. The training is very informative, not only by learning how to help others, but also keeping yourself safe. After a phone call, it feels wonderful to know that I have just helped someone that needed it.” 
  • “Being a volunteer advocate for New Horizons Crisis Center is a way to give to our community in ways that are rewarding and enjoyable. Rewarding because you are, in a small way, listening and helping people who are dealing with real challenges in their lives and don’t always know where to turn to. Enjoyable because you meet and work with a great staff and fellow advocates. Being a NHCC volunteer is a real privilege.”

Join the New Horizons team and make a difference!

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Consider becoming a funding partner of New Horizons Crisis Center. Just many Minnesotans experienced sexual assault in 2005?  If you added up every sexual assault victim, this would equal all of the residents of Lyon, Murray, Pipestone and Redwood counties – and that statistic is only one of many. Now where does that person go for help?

New Horizons provides crime victim, crisis nursery, and parenting time services to men, women and children of Lincoln, Lyon, Murray and Redwood counties. Whether a crime is child abuse/neglect, stalking, harassment, identity theft, bullying, sexual assault/abuse, homicide, theft, elder abuse or another, New Horizons Crisis Center can help clarify information and explore feelings that may surface after a crime has occurred. New Horizons Crisis Center also offers educational, parenting time, and crisis nursery services to meet the needs of individuals and families in Southwest Minnesota.

Services are free, confidential, and needed. “History shows that economic recession and crime go hand-in-hand, at least to some degree. Whether it's petty theft or violent crime, the toll of financial difficulty can weigh down even the best of us” (Source: Police Employment) — and at New Horizons, we have witnessed this impact firsthand. From July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011, New Horizons helped 1,033 people in Southwest Minnesota, which was 202 more people than our agency served last year. Here is what one person has said about services: “Words really cannot express how truly touched I was that you...showed your care and concern. Support…like you has made this difficult time a little more bearable. You are a blessing in my life.”

Become a funding partner of New Horizons Crisis Center by sending a donation 109 South 5th Street, Suite 40, Marshall, MN  56258 – or you can donate online by clicking the link below. All donations are tax-deductible.

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